Financial Worries & the Impact on Employees’ Mental Health – how can you help?

Whilst it’s undoubtedly true that money can’t buy happiness, financial wellness can certainly be one of the most significant factors in an employee’s overall well-being. As the cost-of-living crisis and economic downturn continue to pressure households, it’s time to look at the actual impact on your employees and how you can offer additional financial well-being […]

Private Medical

“Think of your staff as human capital that needs to be cultivated and supported. Providing private medical care for staff is important for your company’s productivity, competitiveness and sustainability” We have the NHS. Why provide staff with private insurance?  Private insurance is often considered as a luxury, however while it does communicate to your staff […]

Should employers provide income protection insurance? 

Should employers provide income protection insurance?  In 2019/20 over half a million employees were off work for over 7 days due to injury, and 38.8 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury (LFS).  Income protection insurance (also known as Payment Protection Insurance or PPI),  is a family of insurance policies that cover […]

How to offer better employee benefits for less £

Benefits are becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. While not long ago employees expected to pay for their own healthcare, gym membership, or childcare, these days they expect employers to cover these costs and more.  Not offering benefits to staff can severely set you back in terms of employee retention and the quality of […]

Happy staff make a thriving company: Zhoosh your employee benefits!

We don’t need research to tell us that happy employees are more loyal and productive, but the figures are startling. In fact, happy employees stay in their jobs four times longer, which means less turnover and disruption to the company. Research also says that happy staff commit twice as much time to their tasks, meaning […]