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Find below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. You may want to give unique benefits to your executives or a particular scheme to junior colleagues. The benefits dashboard that employees see is from the context of their employee ‘level’ so they only see what is relevant to them.

Of course, we’re an independent benefit broker so we have access to the whole market so we can offer more substantial schemes such as group life insurance, critical illness, private medical etc.

Employers can choose whether to give employees a flexible allowance, which they can spend on the benefits that are most relevant to them.

Zhoosh makes managing the tax liability associated with some types of schemes simple; both in terms of you HR/payroll department (through automated P11d reports) and communicating this info to your employees.

Offering a comprehensive range of group benefits may not be as expensive as you think. Use our 9 second price calculator to get a quick ballpark figure. It may be cheaper than you think.

Yes, onboarding is made easy through our integrations with 27 different popular HR systems. Sync your employees with our system in a few clicks!

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients through the benefits design phase through to launch and ongoing support, so we will be there to support with presentations and provide draft communications for employees to support your employee benefits journey.  You will feel supported through all stages.  Each client has a designated team of contacts rather than a call centre – this means that your contact will understand your queries and will get t know you and your requirements over the years that we support you.

Our benefits review service is based on feedback from our previous clients.  In the main, we deal with HR professionals who tell us that the best way to support them is to provide a presentation style proposal that can be used to present to the Board any proposed changes to benefits, so our proposals are set out so they can be used in this way.  We do not charge anything for a benefits review but we do hope that we leave such a good impression that your choice to use us is an obvious one.

In the main we try to avoid the use of annual benefit windows – keeping the benefit offering available throughout the year is preferable where possible.  However, for certain insurance products and to prevent the ability of employees to choose against the insurance provider an annual window may be required.  This always comes into play when pre existing medical conditions are covered for things like Dental, Private Medical and Life Insurance Schemes.  Restricting access for employees in this way safeguards you (the employer) from insurance premium spikes at renewal.

We are able to set Zhoosh up within a week of being provided your employee data and full details of any existing benefits you have.  We draft the platform for you to review.  Our aim is to obtain a general overview of your schemes – we have draft wording available for all providers and scheme types, so there is no need fo royu to draft any wording and we have draft employee communications that we can provide to help to launch and administer your employee benefits in the future.

Yes, we offer various SSO options – Google, Microsoft, OKTA and JumpCloud are all currently offered enabling employees to easily access their Zhoosh portal without needing to remember more passwords!

We have tried to make this as simple as possible to administer from a client perspective.  We communicate only benefit changes each month to you and this simply involves you having to update a payroll deduction.  The Zhoosh portal is there to answer employee queries, explain the cost of certain benefits and the tax consequences.  If employees have further questions they are prompted to contact Zhoosh.  This means you can be comfortable offering a huge variety of benefits safe in the knowledge that there is little in terms of administrative implications.


We support employees any time they want to make a claim against their insurance or other plan type. Just get in touch if you want some help and we’ll talk you through the process.