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We don’t need research to tell us that happy employees are more loyal and productive, but the figures are startling. In fact, happy employees stay in their jobs four times longer, which means less turnover and disruption to the company. Research also says that happy staff commit twice as much time to their tasks, meaning they are visibly investing their time and effort in your business.

Your staff is what makes your company work – literally – and happy people are more productive. So it only makes sense that a positive workplace environment makes your business better. It’s also no secret that a happy workforce feeds into your business reputation, client satisfaction, growth, and profitability. 

Simply acknowledging employee effort and talent can quickly diffuse a tense working environment. However, employers can take this a step further. By acknowledging that staff have personal lives beyond their workplace, that they have families, health concerns, or even a passion for going green, we humanise them and in turn humanise the company for them. 

When employers consider employee’s personal lives, health, and families, they are telling the employee that they matter, and that they have a future with the company. In turn, the company receives loyal, productive staff who are invested in the company that has invested in them

You might think that a raise is the only way to secure loyalty and employee happiness, but it’s not always the case. Often staff don’t need as much as you might think to secure their loyalty and morale. 

The best way to invest in your employees is to offer them benefits, which can attract and retain high quality candidates who feel valued and are therefore more likely to give back. A staff benefits scheme such as Zhoosh Your Benefits provides your staff with a customisable benefits package according to their needs and your remit. Rather than guessing what are the best employee benefits, they can choose their own, demonstrating that the employees are seen as individuals with specific needs. 

Try our Employee Benefits Calculator, and quickly work out how much each staff benefit costs according to the payout period. You can also administer discounts and initiatives for free from the same Zhoosh platform when you sign up with us!

Make a positive step towards better workplace morale and happier staff now, by calculating what you can offer your staff.

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