How to offer better employee benefits for less £

Benefits are becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. While not long ago employees expected to pay for their own healthcare, gym membership, or childcare, these days they expect employers to cover these costs and more. 

Not offering benefits to staff can severely set you back in terms of employee retention and the quality of your candidates, but at the same time, healthcare costs are increasing every day. 

So what can you do? 

Approach your employee benefits budget the same way you’d approach any other problem – identify the specific issues and strategise. You need to respond to increasing healthcare costs by making your system more efficient. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Are you getting the best employee benefits deals? 

Approaching benefits companies on a one-to-one basis leaves you wide open to being overcharged, whereas it’s literally the bread and butter of brokers to find you the best deals. Check the Zhoosh Calculator.

Zhoosh is an employee benefits platform that works with the savviest brokers to ensure you never get swindled. 

  1. Are your employee’s receiving the most useful benefits? Are they able to effectively communicate their needs to HR?

One of the best ways to throw away money is to provide blanket benefits packages that not all of your staff base need or use. Instead, allow your staff to choose a flexible benefits package based on each employee’s specific needs. By giving staff choice, the benefits they receive are both useful to them, and cost efficient for you. Check the Zhoosh Free Benefits Review

  1. How long does it take HR to administrate benefits packages?

It’s not only cost and product efficiency that you need to consider. You’re also losing money on the amount of time wasted on HR procedures get from A, offering benefits to staff, to Z, delivering those benefits. 

But how do you administrate a flexible benefits plan to tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees? 

Through Zhoosh’s mobile app. We have developed software that allows staff to choose their preferred benefits from a ‘budget’ that you’ve set, right on their phone. The information is relayed to HR, and they are able to quickly and effectively administrate it using our platform. 

Reduce the middle-man and streamline your HR procedures with Zhoosh! Ask for a free quote today to get the ball rolling here.

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