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"Think of your staff as human capital that needs to be cultivated and supported. Providing private medical care for staff is important for your company’s productivity, competitiveness and sustainability"

We have the NHS. Why provide staff with private insurance? 

Private insurance is often considered as a luxury, however while it does communicate to your staff that they are highly valued, it also makes good business sense. With private insurance, patients enjoy shorter waiting times, meaning your staff are treated quickly and effectively, reducing sick leave and potentially catching underlying illnesses much earlier.

Private healthcare offers more accessible appointment times, meaning staff can schedule appointments around their work, and even consult with their doctor outside or during working hours by phone. Less time away from the office is a big win for you.

The benefits of providing private medical insurance to staff:

  1. Staff Morale: Employees and their families feel valued, less stressed, and healthier. Healthier, happier staff are more able to fulfil their roles and maximise their potential.
  2. Corporate Image: It’s important for your company’s productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability. Retain valuable skills and strengthen business outcomes.

What is the best way to communicate benefits to employees? 

Employee benefits can cause strain on HR departments with excess paperwork and negotiations between staff and insurance brokers. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else could just sort it all out for you?

Zhoosh Benefits are an independent broker that works to find the best deal for you.

Let your staff choose their preferred cover using an app on their phone. You choose the level or scope of their private insurance, and they can select from a range of options. That information is communicated to HR and the insurer directly, streamlining the process.

Staff will feel like management has prioritised their needs and incorporated advanced technology into their day-to-day life, while management can enjoy a more efficient system that ensures less sick leave and very little paperwork. 

Find out more here: https://zhooshbenefits.co.uk

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