How Much Do Employee Benefits Really Cost?

How Much Do Employee Benefits Really Cost?
At Zhoosh, we’re on a mission to ensure that the right employee benefits are accessible to all, and a key part of this goal is our commitment to transparency. In this blog, we’re outlining some of the benefit packages that we provide for real businesses up and down the country, of all shapes and sizes, as well as the prices they pay, to give you an idea of what your budget could do for your team.

A local recruitment agency employing 73 people with an average salary of £35,000 reached out to Zhoosh last year. They were keen to build an affordable benefits package that would help their team with day-to-day essentials and ensure they felt valued. The below figures outline the cost of each benefit in their programme.

A Midlands based tech company contacted Zhoosh looking to switch from their existing fixed benefits to a more flexible package that was better suited to their business needs and their workforce. After discovering that much of their budget was being spent on benefits that weren’t being used by their employees, they made the switch to Zhoosh, and are now benefitting from a more cost-effective package and a happier, more engaged team. So, what are their benefits package costs for 108 employees with an average salary of £32,000?

A fast-growing London advertising agency were looking to invest in employee benefits as part of their long-term strategy to reduce staff turnover and save on recruitment and training costs. Since implementing their benefits with Zhoosh, they have improved employee retention rates and their growing business is now supported by a consistent, engaged workforce. For 150 employees with an average salary of £40,000, their package costs:

A large healthcare organisation with a highly skilled workforce of over 200 staff were looking to implement a competitive benefits programme that could form part of their employee retention strategy. Their goals were to attract and retain top tier talent in an increasingly competitive climate. The below prices are based on an average salary of £40,000 and an average age of 33.

Your Business

Whatever your business goals are, we can create a bespoke benefits package tailored to your budget and team. To explore the full range of benefits we offer, click here.

Curious to find out what the right employee benefits would cost your business? It might be less than you think.

Use our quick and easy online benefits calculator to get started, or book a demo today.

“Having access to benefits has made such a difference to me and my coworkers, especially during the cost-of-living crisis. We’re able to use our Zhoosh benefits to save money on regular expenditures, like weekly shopping, as well as bigger treats and experiences for our families. The app is super easy to use and we quite often chat about the different benefits we’ve used and where. None of the places I’ve worked previously have had a benefit scheme in place, but now I don’t think I’d accept a job without it!”
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